The Unpleasant Little Book of Black Magic for Love, Happiness, Horror and Death.

The Unpleasant Little Book of Black Magic for Love, Happiness, Horror and Death.

I have a small pamphlet in my library called The Unpleasant Little Book
of Black Magic for Love, Happiness, Horror and Death, according to
itself it is from 1666, but everything judging from my professional
estimation is that it is from the mid 1980s. It has pictures, seals, and
rituals for almost everything: riches, sex, love, and a lot of version of
curses. I attach some excerpts from this pamphlet in this book to show
examples of modern folk magic and books of black arts. This is from one
of its many curse-rites:
"After making the doll that represents person you want to destroy
through the curse, take an axe and cut the doll in a state of mind where
you are blinded by insanity and wrath. Then you urinate on the pieces of
the massacred doll, and after that put you have it under you and shit on
it. Then you spit on the shit and pee-covered remains of the doll and pick
up the tank with gasoline. You pour, in madness and anger gasoline,
over the pile that represents the person you want to die in untold
plagues. You burn it all up and scream in madness and wrarth the
following cursing words….”
Given the effectiveness magic can have if you know how it works, I
choose to not include the spells in this book, as it reaches many people,
and there is a risk that someone can use them in a unresponsible
manner. The curse ritual, however, ends with the instruction that after
being "blinded by insanity and wrath" you finish the rite by sitting and
meditating and "feeling calm and inner peace".
The Unpleasant Little Book of Black Magic for Love, Happiness, Horror
and Death, contains symbols, images, seals, spells for a variety of
things, all in a style that breathes conscious provocation, or satire, but at
the same time its magic can work very well. It also contains fairly
illustrious pornographic drawings with devils with giant penises
penetrating tiny young women, to enhance the contrast effect. The devils
spray sperm fountains over kneeling nude women, and sometimes the
demons have up to seven giant penises penetrating the vagina, anal and

mouth of naked women. It is full of inverted pentagrams, upside down
crosses, 666-seals, strange diabolical symbols and swastikas .
When I was younger I tried a couple of the rites most of curiosity and
they worked with a frightening effect. I made a general love ritual without
any particular woman in mind and immediately afterwards had three girls
after me whom I certainly had sex with but started a chaotic period of
jealousy, everlasting phone calls, on the verge of stalking from one of
the girls in love drama I regretted that I did the ritual and thought of the
proverb “that you should be careful about what you want, as it may be
One explanation of the magic's operative effect is that the will power and
the act in a rite can put The Odic power described by the German
chemist Carl Ludwig Friedrich von Reichenbach (1788 – 1869) in motion.
It may move through, what is called the "quantum tunnels," discovered
by the German physicist Friedrich Hund in the early 1960s, where
subatomic particles seem to be able to move through tunnels beyond or
under the laws of ordinary physics.
The danger of magic is that if you do not realize the complicated
mechanisms behind the machinery of magic. Magic works through a
complex movement where you start a domino effect that moves through
the universe's trillions and again trillion tunnels that surround us without
seeing them.
The domino bricks you set in in motion must then fall so that they move
in the right directions through these tunnels until they hit the right target.
This requires incredible skill and it usually fails because the power you
insert goes into wrong tunnels and disappears and you have put out
something that you never know when it getting back or how the outcome
will be. So do magic with respect of its power. Everything can be true
through magic, but also with unwanted karmic effects. For this reason, I
almost never perform the magic of this kind, but working according to the
flow of life, under the protection of The Almighty Red Dragon, and I rest
in its arms.

By: Thomas Karlsson.

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