The Dark Path and Music

The Dark Path and Music



It is some things I wish to make clear before we start our journey. If you have serious intention to learn about the greatest mystery of life: Death, as we call it among other names, don’t get stuck in subcultures where death is just a gimmick for a subcultural excuse for every mundane things such as partying. In particular the music genre Black Metal you find so much of this, and it is nothing wrong per se. If you like the music, enjoy it, but it doesn’t mean that the band has anything of relevance to transmit. And even worse there are countless of authors that’s simply are bad musicians and anyway want to be someone in the scene and write books that are like a pamphlet of really cheesy Metal.


There are some few bands that however transmit genuine wisdom through their music, their lyrics and their symbols. This bands makes excellent sonic sorcery, true musical magic. Books and word are not the only ways to learn, experiences of different kinds, such us sex, diving, mountain climbing, running, meditating, are excellent and many times give you more than just reading. Smells, touches, sights, sounds and tastes. All our senses are bridges not only to meet the world around us, but also to get in touch with the paranormal worlds.


According to me the German composer Richard Wagner’s (1813 – 1883) Opera Parsifal is the most elevated musical manifestations of the Luciferian Path. It is based on the Minnessänger tradition of Medieval Europe where Music and Magic was combined in a the Martial lifestyle of The Chivalric Orders.


But also the music of countless of other composers are pure magic, Johann Sebastian Bach’s (1685 – 1750) work are Pythagorean mysteries where math and music are hidden but can open gates to the attentive listener. They are a link between the Mediterranean Mystery Cults and theaudience of today. And Igor Stravinskij’s work such as Le Sacre du printemps, are pure rituals. The Russian Occultist and Composer Aleksandr Skrjabin coequal Wagner; Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra, which is an interpretation of Friedrich Nietzsche epic and aeon changing book with the same name is canonical listening in the education of Dragon Rouge, so also Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, called The Tragic or The Demonic, and the version with three strokes is said to conjure up The Devil Himself. But there are there are reasons for the tutorial music we used that becomes revealed first during the initiations.


Much talk about Metal and Classical Composer, but for the reader who don’t like either Metal or Classical Music, are you hopeless cases for The Dark Path? Don’t worry. One of my darkest secrets is that I really enjoy the pop group Wham! You can find magic in all kind of music. The Tantric Hymns, the music of the Sufi Orders, Acid Techno, PsyTrance, EBM, Witch House, Reggae, Haitian Vodou Beats, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Tibetan Bowls. But as I will return to in this book, it is not that everything is just a question of taste, there is a truth out there, and it will be there despite your taste. You must be prepared to confront your nightmares, you must accept thing beyond your understanding, so choose your time on Earth and read the right books, listen to the right music and follow the advices of the best teachers.


The Left Hand Path is a path of inversion and reversion; it is a path where you confront terror to be overwhelmed by bliss; it is a path where Death becomes your foremost ally and friend, and teaches you how to live Life; It is a path where you find Diamonds in the Dirt; It is a Path where the End is the Beginning. With this said, let us go for the ride and I finish this Prologue with a quote from the song The End by The Doors and its master magician, the poet Jim Morrison (1943 – 1971): “This is the end/ Beautiful friend/ This is the end/ My only friend, the end. (…) Ride the snake, ride the snake/ To the lake, the ancient lake, baby/ The snake, he’s long, seven miles/ Ride the snake.”


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