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MW20 The Stone of Lilith: The Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.

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The Stone of Lilith: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.
The Magical Week 2020. 20 – 26 July.
From now on biennial.
Stockholm, Sweden.
The Magical Week is a tradition we had unbroken in Dragon Rouge for more than fifteen years. It’s a unique opportunity to focused, concentrated and intense magically work under experienced guidance and together with sisters and brothers in The Order. From this year it is however a biennial (once every two years).
1) You must be member of Dragon Rouge and will get a personal curriculum and work schedule for the week based on your initiatory level. If you are non-member and yet wish to participate email workmail.dr@gmail.com
2) The Magical Week will be very coherent and initiation focused. You will have the possibility to be initiated during the MW and rise one initiatory step if you successfully pass the ordained tests, and to get you degree items, diploma and magical seals and passwords on place.
3) The daily schedule is 24h, of course including time for sleep, rest, dinner time, conversations, but we will work intensively in our temples and on sacred places with the Consolidation, Preparation and Action of this year Anno Atlantis 2020, with V.V.A., LLL, The The Shem HaMephorash (שם המפורש) and the full circle of The Goetia and the seals of ‘Le nouveau Dragon Rouge’. The Thursday is reserved for a full day and night on the theory and practice of Necro-Biology and the New Necromancy at a cemetery.
We will also teach the mysterious of KYLVER KYN KRAFT and Sorcery of S.OD.OM, which is the higher degrees counterpart tho HDHM
Since our members have different needs and requests on food and lodging you take care of that yourself, also to make it more convenient for the arrangers. We will nevertheless help you find good choices close to The Temple, from cheap to deluxe, and eat together for lunch and dinner.
Many workings will be outdoor in forest and on ancient cult sites, and we will visit the legendary Trollsjön (a perfect place for a swim in an enchanted lake).
A Black Mass according to the ancient tradition will be performed.
You will get the sequel to the modern classic “Qabalah, Qliphot and Goetic Magic” in a limited signed special edition: “The Black Mass: Sacrament of Shaitan. The Sabbatic Tradition of The Draconian Order” (2020), together with other magical item we use during the week.
O Drakon O Megas!
Dr. Thomas K.
The fee is 390 EUR or 3900 SEK.
The Payment methods are PayPal:
Nordea bank
Account number: 431 52 82-6
IBAN: SE39 9500 0099 6034 4315 2826
The payment are binding.