Draconianism is the philosophy, practice and religion that is related the symbol of The Dragon around the world. The metaphysic foundation is that the dragon has an esoteric meaning in its core non-contextual and archetypical. Since the dragon in Western belief systems commonly picture the dragon as representing the forces of evil, draconianism, has a relationship with satanism.

Modern Draconianism was founded the the swedish scholar and occultist Thomas Karlsson (born 1972) based upon his own visions and prophecies he claims to have been delivered to him since childhood. He is Ph.D. at Stockholm University, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Religion and History of ideas, with three Master-degrees, and a position as Fellow Researcher at Yale University, USA. He holds also a diploma degree in Transformative Leadership from The Swedish Defence University.

Draconianism is universalistic and claims that its roots are found in all the myths of Mankind where the forces of darkness give Mankind access to illumination. Draconianism claims that it differs from the most esoteric traditions in being pole centered and north-south based, and not east-west centered. A recurrent teaching is that the dragon is an objective reality both inside man and outside, emphasizing the philosophy’s roots in the PIE (Proto-Indo European) word derk- “to see,”

The philosophy has an idealist basic view and names as well Pythagoras, Plato and Hypatia as precursors, but also the names of of the Platonic Academy in renaissance Florence, and later German idealism with names such us Fichte. Of particular importance is advocaters of an a forbidden knowledge punished by a church or society, such as Giordano Bruno and Baruch Spinoza.

Dragon invocations, black masses, hex sabbaths, belongs to the sacraments of Draconianism. And the seven definition points listed to name something draconianism are: 1) Antinomianism; 2) Apotheosis, 3) Draconian Initiations to Ordo Draconis; 4) The Left-Hand Path; 5) Hexcraft; 6) The eleven dimensions, both in the lore of Qliphoth and the fractal geometry Benoit B. Mandelbrot and 7) recognition of the objective reality of previously mentioned eleven dimensions, and the The Red Dragon itself as the Seven-headed Intelligence residing in the dark and unknown parts of the universe, as well as in dimensions inaccessible for unitiates.