Ora et Labora

Ora et Labora

Ora et Labora

By: Thomas Karlsson


After an nice meeting with our brother Niklas Karlsson and his family I did some garden works. More or less all times I make garden works I think about the famous quote from Voltaire’s Candide: “Let us cultivate our garden.” The meaning of this is that we sometimes must leave the “big world” and focus upon what we have around us. We must cultivate the life we live. Take care of our family, friends and sisters- and brothers in Dragon Rouge; we must take care of out home and the nature around us; we must ta care of our physical and mental health; cultivate ourselves to raise toward the highest levels of existence. It sometimes mean that we must oversee a lot of things that annoys us in the world around us. We must do our best out of the circumstances we are. But we need also be prepared to take action. As our Bellators says: “We want peace, but if we must hit, we hit hard.


In my everyday life I try to follow the flow, in a way inspired by taoism and zen. Tao is The Dragon and it is everywhere all the time, and yet far beyond. But when we take three deep breaths of fresh air we can feel how we breath The Dragon’s breath. When we work we can become aware of The Dragon in our blood, in our pulse, in our mind as the power who makes us always go on, because in the very action itself we can feel the presence of The Dragon. When I “cultivate my garden” literally I feel the extreme power that is in the soil and the plants, trees and flowers. When I make my hand dirty and put them deep into fertile soil and close my eyes I feel the power of The Dragon. I can communicate with The Dragon almost as good as after an invocation. The soil is what we are working with. The Qliphoth is the Black Earth, Khem/Kemet of our Alchemy. It is through working with it, we can reach and achieve the perfection of the Black Diamond.


Our brother Niklas Karlsson is Head of the Auxilior Pillar of Dragon Rouge. It is a pillar to hold on to when life has its storms. We are a sister- and brotherhood that always should support each other, and reach out a hand if needed. So never hesitate to contact the Auxilior Pillar, or any of our Six Pillars to The Draconian Temple. The motto of the Auxilior Pillar is: amicitias immortales esse oportet: A friendship must be immortal. That is how we should think and act. We act not only for ourselves, but also for others. We develop through others. Compare with a Martial Art club. It is when sparring with your club friends you develop your own skills.


the old motto Ora et Labora, Pray and Work, is very meaningful also on The Draconian Path. It originally come from St Benedikt av Nursia (480-543). Pray in this context means also “to invoke.” Start the day with The Dragon Invocation and you will see how it charge the day with a certain energy. And to Work, is the essence of the occult path. Our daily work can be meaningful when we see it in a greater perspective. And our inner drive is the Great Work, the Alchemy that transform us into perfection, bliss and eternal existence in a way we can’t grasp, more than that can be compared to an endless orgasm and ecstasy of wisdom.


We must be ready to cultivate our gardens and our temples and dig deep in the dirty black soil sometimes, but with the knowledge that it will lead us to rise higher and higher toward our inner dreams. The German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762 – 1814) once wrote that “practical reason is the root of all reason.” And to end this post I must as bibliophile mention that St Benedikt av Nursia added to the motto Ora et Labora “et lege”, and read. So combine invocations, prayers and good work, with good reading.


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