On the End of Left-Hand Path

On the End of Left-Hand Path


On the End of Left-Hand Path


The last part of my trilogy that begins with ‘Amongst mystics and magicians in Stockholm’ will be called ‘At the End of the Left-Hand Path’ My intention is to write three trilogies in this serie.


An important aspect of the Left-Hand Path is the principle of the End. What’s the end? The Left-Hand Path has many sub-goals. The first goal is to be initiated. One of the greatest goals is to enter the eternal Ordo Draconis, which exists both physically, has an unbroken chain in history, but is also beyond time and space.


According to Left-Hand Path, the End is always a Beginning. And the Left-Hand Path is tough and requires discipline. It is like an existential form of Martial Art. Therefore, it is important to always follow what you started with.


Too many people stumble just before they reach the finish line. Many times because they experience it as painful and scary to cross the finish line: To be tested one final time before being approved. But the Left-Hand Path calls for the completion.. Completing is magic. You should as example, not stop Judo when you have a brown belt, you should continue until you have black belt; one should not avoid the disputation when you have completed the entire dissertation; one should not stop the magic path unless one sees what it is really about.


To many, Left-Hand Path and the Draconian Tradition are incomprehensible. You are sometimes scared; another time you experience a meaninglessness, you do not see the picture, but just a lot of loose puzzle pieces. But if you go all the way you see the picture the puzzle shows. And then you realize that the hard work was worth everything.

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