Melez! This is the first official blog of Dragon Rouge. The New and Reformed System of Dragon Rouge began with the The New Reformation All Hallows Eve 31 October 2017 on Gotland, the island in The Baltic Sea. On the date five hundred after Martin Luther spiked his 95 Theses in the church door in Wittenberg and started The Old Reformation which forever changed the world. What almost nobody knows these days is that Martin Luther foremost was a mystic that worked in the tracks of the medieval mystic Meister Eckhart (1260 -1328), who claimed that God is best understood as “the Night”. In the Christian Tradition the Ancient Mystery Cults sometimes lived on. But underground and with discretion and the knowledge that you might be burnt at the stake as heretic.


In the tracks of The Reformation the rosicrucianism appeared, as well as a newborn interest for alchemy and platonic ideas. The alchemist Paracelsus was working in these days and from him we have the prophecies of Three Treasures that is hidden in Europe. He also announced that a Midnight Lion, Der Löwe aus Mitternacht, will appear when needed most, to save the righteous, This lion was also called The Lion of The North and associated with the King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, one of the most successful warlords of history.


Does this have a meaning for us today? Yes, it certainly has. Mankind is on the bridge to extinction, but also to a breakthrough, as important as when the first high cultures came into being and the pyramids were built. We live in times of challenge. We can win or lose. I am convinced, that we through a Faustian spirit, can win this challenge. We can use technology and latest inventions to the good of Mankind, we can fill it with astral power and travel beyond time and space. As I have said many times since The New Reformation begun: Man lives in four dimensions, but there are eleven dimensions in the Universe. It means there are yet seven to explore. Let us join the power and intelligence we have and use its cumulative effects to save our Planet and ourselves. Let us break through the barrier and enter the Fifth Dimension and become marveled and overwhelmed by its beauty and its mysteries. There is an eternity out there best named The Night, and it has seven heads.


And btw what means “melez”? It is an old password to be admitted on The Hex Sabbaths that takes place All Hallows Eve 31 October. And its roots goes back to a word we also find in the name Molok and it means God…

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