Magical Power Places and the meeting with the Force. Part 1

Magical Power Places and the meeting with the Force. Part 1

Magical Power Places and the meeting with the Force. Part 1

By Yiannis K.

…there is a peak on the intensity of a magical experience one can get while conscious in his/ her physical body. And there is a point you cannot surpass, unless you leave behind the 90% of your everyday consciousness…

There are different power places I have and each one of them corresponds to different periods of life and initiatory phases through the years. Each one holds a special place in my heart and the stages of my initiations in Dragon Rouge and Ordo Draconis…

The power places are locations or areas that bring to the Magician an immediate, effortless awakening of the magical state and an alteration in consciousness, emotions and senses in a blink of an eye. Clairaudience and clairvoyance or the awakening of other paranormal abilities are pretty common to happen. It is also not unusual for one to even experience a soothing, warm, blissful recall of an unidentified memory – probably from a past life- that will make feelings bloom and give an ”out there” sensation. This ”out there” sensation is connected to an OD magical phenomenon which we might talk about another time.

Personal power places don’t reveal or show anything special to the ”untrained eye” and the uninitiated. But to the Magician…Hell! They are a link to outmost spiritual beauty and delight for the Soul! And within this otherworldly bliss of the spirit, a jewel from the crown of the Dragon might be offered to the Magician…

Well, power places are not to be visited very often but only in special occasions: When you feel the need to visit your power place, you will most probably experience beforehand a delicate subconscious call by the Forces along with an unusual heightening of your magical inspiration and insight.

A couple of weeks ago, during a hot summer day I heard the call and I felt an ongoing urge to visit one of my five -in total- power places. I was about to visit my second- in power and magical potential- power place.

There are different reasons behind the visit of one’s power places. Personally, I have one power place for getting insight and inspiration, one for gaining energy, one for meeting the Force and traveling to the Other side, one for the Magical Memory and last but not least, my darkest power place where I take life changing decisions and fulfill my most important Initiatory workings. Of course, it is not uncommon for all the aforementioned qualities and characteristics of a power place to become mixed unexpectedly together.

Well, the time was around 14.00 and the heat in the city was at its peak. Traffic in the streets and roads has been very light as this month is a high vacation season in the country I live.

Without wasting time, I took a special magical object with me and I entered the car in order to drive for about 25 minutes and reach an area at the south suburbs of the city. While driving, my magical senses have been well activated and I almost reached a trance state. Nonetheless, I was able to maintain my focus on driving.

I arrived. I found a big tree which would shed a bit of shade and I parked my car underneath.

The place I visited is a vast area that accommodates a sports center, different green areas with trees and bushes and a long, soiled, approximately 2km path which is covered with trees where anyone can jog or walk. The whole place is located next to the sea.  The close by beach is really crowded at that time and day, however, the huge area my power place is located to was totally empty. Apart from cicadas and a few birds nothing else can be heard.

What an unworldly bliss! The sensation of being completely alone in a vast, desolate area is unique and without even meditating, I could already feel that a crack in reality is about to open. The place is vibrating Vril Energy and the forces are outpouring- that’s the Dragon’s Breath!

In such places, a gate leading to the Other Side and the Qliphoth can be found. I stood up for a few minutes, just breathing deeply while, at the same time, claiming ritually the purpose of my visit. The Force- the Great Dragon- gave me a purpose for a specific magical working right on the spot.

I began walking the long soiled path, holding tightly the aforementioned magical object in my hand. About 100 meters in front of me there is a perfect womb-like Gate formed by two trees the one next to the other. ”Nature is always at the side of a Dark Magician”. And two trees, the one next to the other, can always provide a Gate for the Initiated.

Until I reached the two trees I began the qliphotic practice of Shadow Walking and, taken by pure magical inspiration, I started reciting an improvised ritual to fulfill a break through. I cannot recall any words of the ritual, because they would come out of my mouth driven not by my conscious self but by my Daemonic Self and the Dragon…

To be continued…

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