Dragon Rouge

The Aim of Dragon Rouge - Academia Draconis

Dragon Rouge is an international occult order and esoteric academia rooted in Sweden, founded 1989 by Dr. Thomas Karlsson (born 1972). Dragon Rouge emphasize the original classic Greek tradition of the academia as a school of both body and mind, the carnal and the spiritual life of Man. Dragon Rouge is a school of Draconian teaching and the ladder to Ordo Draconis.

Dragon Rouge is an order that carries a unique wisdom that is beyond time and space. Some parts of the Dragon Rouge includes objects with an extraordinary power and history: Original books of Black Arts, original grimoires, crystal balls, runes, a Black Stone that is linked to the 11 dimension of the reality.

We are a global order with the aim to have a network of people around the world so we together build up cumulative knowledge where we can learn from each other, no matter if your expertise is computers and ICT, or mountain climbing or crafts, dance, sports, movies, etc. etc. We are a non-political Order and everyone worthy is welcome as meeber no matter ethnicity, religion/spirituality, gender, identity, sexual orientation.

Dragon Rouge’s philosophy is universalistic and teaches that the occult lore is found in all the myths of Mankind where the forces of darkness give Mankind access to illumination. The Red Dragon is an objective reality both inside man and outside. The name “dragon” derives from the Proto-Indo European word derk- “to see,”

We are a also an Order with the feet on the ground. We can explore other dimensions and open gates the the dark matter and the dark energy where the demonic intelligences resides, but you must also be a person that help your neighbours, friends and family..

And never ask what the Order can give you, but tell what you can do for Dragon Rouge. Then you will realize how much our Order can offer our members. Among other things a better life,

We have 11 degrees based upon ancient mystery cults around the world. But also the contemporary science and Benoît B. Mandelbrot, (1924 – 2010) who showed that there are 11 dimensions, while we human live in a 4-dimensional world. Dragon Rouge have the keys and the map, the tools and the knowledge how to get access to the 7 other dimensions hidden from the normal people.

As we emphasize Mankind lives in a 4D reality – Time and Space, but there are 11 dimensions, which means that 7 are yet hidden for most people. Dragon Rouge has the map to these though the World’s most advanced Qliphotic initiation system, that leads through the gates of Lilith, Lucifer and Leviathan.

Dragon Rouge study in theory and practice the dark arts, hexcraft, sorcery and erotomysticism as well as astral projection and lucid dreaming. The goal of Dragon Rouge is to explore and integrate the Shadow in man’s soul. By exploring and not denying the Shadow, it can be transformed from a destructive principle to a creative principle. We are also a strong worldwide brother- and sisterhood.