Dragon Rouge 2019 Year of Preparation.

Dragon Rouge 2019 Year of Preparation.


I will, on a few occasions, publish one of the 365 reflections outside the Dragon Rouge member forums if it can be considered of general interest.

4th October 2019 Year of Preparation.

We came, some years ago, to a point when some longtime esoteric students of mine, begun to question the necessity of all the dark magical work of Dragon Rouge and the satanic undercurrent in our Order. It became a crack in the organization. This was in the long run very good. Some old ones fell away and we could begin a new and more intensive work. I have most good to say about those who fell away, although they made some very cowardly and disloyal things. The very essence of our Order is The Dark Path. We will never compromise on that point. If you don’t like it, don’t join.

We will never become wiccans, new age, or believing anything else than that we can find the genuine dark path tradition in our own cultures. We have sharpened The Order since 2017 and emphasizes the importance of being present in the society in which we live. We must be prepared to act as a warriors. We have taught that since Dragon Rouge was founded, but it has become more important today. It is important to be prepared to help your fellows.

We should allow most things when it comes to discussions within Dragon Rouge. It is perfectly ok to make criticism, but it must be constructive. You are welcome to come up with suggestions for improvements if you are prepared to work for them yourself.

We have made it more difficult to become a member, but on the other hand have got members of much higher quality, and everyday members from back in time, now apply for membership again. They have watched the evolution of Dragon Rouge and like how we have progressed at a furious pace.

We will be more transparent when it comes to certain things, such as our economy. A common misunderstanding is that organisations earn a lot of money. The truth is exactly the opposite. Most organisations struggle with finances all the time. Immature minds don’t understand that Temple rents, insurances, websites, publications cost a lot. Not to speak of all voluntary work that must be recognized and appreciated. I am myself very grateful to all members who work hard for The Order, and expect the same gratefulness as well.

Although we will be more transparent in things like our economy, we will be more secret when it comes to most of our inner work. I can honestly say that Dragon Rouge was not, back in the days, prepared for the demands of Ordo Draconis and it is first since The New and Reformed Dragon Rouge we are fully mature and strong enough as an organisation to carry this heavy but glorious duty to be the true vehicle of Ordo Draconis.

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