After the New and Reformed Dragon Rouge we decided to not have any lodges, but to work as a global unit. Nevertheless, the time is now here and we want to encourage members to meet also in real life. It is not going to be independent lodges, but branches of a unified tree. Here is the policy document for opening Draconian Working Groups where you live.
§1. A Draconian Working Group can be started after contact with The Order’s management: workmail.dr@gmail.com The usual approach is to invite someone from the Order’s inner circle to lead a workshop on the foundation of Draconian Magic. The organizer is responsible for expenses for travel, accommodation, food and a fee for the workshop.
§2. The Draconian Working Group must consist of at least five prospects or full worthy members. The group is based on Dragon Rouge’s principles and The Draconian Lore. The members with highest degrees and / or greatest active commitment in Dragon Rouge have the highest decision-making power over the activities. It is desirable that at least one in the group is an authorized TEACHER of The Draconian Lore, and have fulfilled The 7 Disciples Education and received His or Her Diploma.
§3. Nothing may be exercised by the group that violates Dragon Rouge’s principles and foundation. The group cannot on its own exclude members from participating. This must be done in consultation with the Order’s central management. We will make sure that the Draconian Working Groups are operating accordingly to the requirements for high quality that characterize the work of The Order.
§4. The Draconian Working Group pays an annual fee to The Order of 100 EUR, shared by everyone in the group.
§5. The Draconian Working Group should be discreet, but also strive for good cooperation with the local community and with other esoteric groups.
§6.The purpose of the Draconian Working Group is to help its participants to achieve better results on their initiatory path and to work to strengthen the brotherhood and sisterhood within Dragon Rouge. The Draconian Working Group should also work to spread the Draconian Current to suitable persons.
§7. When The Draconian Working Group has been accepted it will receive the Charter and Diploma and certain gifts from Ordo Draconis that connects the Group with the Draconian Current and its Magical Roots and UR-prophecies.
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